About me

I started this website to promote a discussion about posture and movement with whomever would like to contribute.

I began by reading a variety of books on the subject of physiotherapy however I discovered that simply by doing assessments on my own I could discover similarities with movement between those with similar problems.

The information on this website merely serves as a repository of videos and static images of those with pain and also an assessment by myself as I attempt to understand what is happening in regards to the movements and muscles.

Over time I have become a little less arrogant and a little more aware of the myriad of potential problems that may happen to a body so whereas earlier assessments are more descriptive and confident in their conclusions I have found that things such as an “atrophied Vastus Medialis” may be either cause or corollary of knee pain and that exercises to build muscle mass may be too simplistic.

I am a full time sports massage therapist so as well as being able to assess functional movements and static images I also assess the body palpably. I would never assume such a technique can contribute to a diagnosis but it is very interesting to find common themes between clients.

Passive therapies such as massage, mobilisations and manipulation (all of which I am trained in) can offer a short term pain relief however I am of the belief that physical exercise focusing on weak muscles and integrating them into more functional movements is the best way for long term benefits.

Anyone reading that suffers from pain and would like an assessment please follow the directions on this postural assessment link.