To apply for a posture assessment follow the steps described below. Please contact me via email at to proceed with a posture assessment.

your assessment can be published online (you will be made anonymous) so you can access it whenever you like.

In all your photos and videos make sure:

  • there is a vertical line behind you to be used as a point of reference
  • your knees, feet and elbows are able to be seen
  • there is sufficient lighting
posture assessment

Step 1

Take 8 photos as illustrated above

Step 2

Video a squat facing the camera as illustrated in the above video  

Step 3

Video a single leg squat on both legs as illustrated in the above video  

For shoulder problems

In all your videos

  • All videos should be well illuminated
  • move your arms SLOWLY
shoulder flexion assessment

Step 1

Perform Shoulder flexion as demonstrated in this video

shoulder abduction assessment

Step 2

Perform shoulder abduction as demonstrated in this video

apleys scratch test assessment

Step 3

Bring the hands as close to each other as possible as demonstrated in this video

All 8 pictures and 3 videos of functional movements are usually necessary as the cause of a pain may stem from further down the kinetic chain. Identification of these problems and their resolution are needed for a long term resolution of the pathology.