posture assessment


Lower back back pain which is worse in the morning and loosens up.

The subject is left handed, he says that the cat pose (flexion) releases his back

Palpable tests:

Left foot everts and right hip higher

Muscle tests:

Right and left psoas weak.

Special tests:

Stork test was negative

No movement could exacerbate pain.

Visual assessment:

The right hip is higher due to the everted left foot. The right shoulder is I seen to drop relative to the left due to the curve of the spine. These asymmetries are found in the majority of people as illustrated in my post – ” normal posture

The left and right hip flexors can be seen to be lengthened. Also muscle tests for both indicate weakness.

Abdominal strength and range of movement were fine. Lower back strength was fine. All hip movement strength was fine apart from flexion.

Exercises are indicated to build up strength and tension in the psoas.  By shortening the muscle the pelvis should be pulled into more anterior tilt  which may resolve the lower back tension.

The picture above indicates a lengthened psoas on both sides.