Below is an illustration of a typical posture presentation. Bear in mind over 90% of the clients I see have these asymmetries. If you find that your right shoulder drops or your right hip is higher/longer, feel assured that this is entirely normal. If however you present with something other then below i.e. a higher left hip, this is no direct cause for pathology. The intention of this website is to highlight structural patterns but also to reassure people that asymmetries are the norm, for proof of this please see my numerous posture assessments.

normal posture

  1. The left foot everts due to the medial and longitudinal arch collapsing, this shortens the left leg relative to the right thus raising the right hip.
  2. The leg is relatively higher and pushes the pelvis up on the right side, tilting it downward towards the left.
  3. The spine exits the pelvis at and angle and curves back towards the right.
  4. The right scapula/shoulder drops as it lies on the ribcage which is slanted downwards on the right

For a more detailed explanation of the biomechanics involved see the post for more detailed normal posture.

Alex is a Personal Trainer at Massage Muswell Hill