Pain in right hip with referral down the right leg

Palpable assessment:

  • Left foot everts more then right.
  • Right glute is tight
  • Right IT band is thicker then the left

Visual assessment:

  • Right hip is higher then the left
  • The rib cage is tilted to the right due to the higher right hip approximating the right side of the rib cage to the right pelvis- there will likely be a short right Quadratus Lumborum and lateral fibres of the right oblique abdominal musculature.
  • The torso rotates to the left- the bulk of the right external obliques are apparent on the right side view which would cause this rotation
  • There is a c-curve scoliosis of the spine to the left which would be expected with a higher right hip
  • Head is rotated to the right- the medial left clavicle is elevated in relation to the right which may indicate tightness of the left SCM .
  • Slight lack of right shoulder flexion- this will be related to the right tilt of the rib cage and ensuing scapula position on the rib cage.
  • Slight internal rotation of right hip with compensatory lateral rotation of the right tibia

 There is a slight valgus shift of the left knee in single leg stance Whlist standing on the right leg causes a valgus shift of the right knee and trunk lean to the right indicating lengthening or weakness of the right gluteus medius

Muscle assessment

  • The right external rotators of the hip were found to be weak and lengthened with excessive lateral rotation of the right tibia. 
  • During hip extension the right hip adducts and medially rotates which would indicate dominance of the right adductors
  • Right hip abductors were found to be weak

Future assessments:

  • Check if there is a structurally longer right leg
  • Check if the scoliosis is structural
  • Gait assessment
  • Check rotation of ilia
  • Check the flare of rib cage
  • Check length of right adductors


The right hip adductors may be excessively tight/dominant which would tilt the pelvis upwardly on the right side. This is deduced by the right femur being in held in internal rotational and the active movement of right hip extension.
Efforts should focus on strengthening the right abductors and lengthening the right adductors.