Pain in lower back around L5/S1, especially on left side

Palpable assessment

  • Right foot everted
  • Right knee lower
  • Right hip higher


Positive left stork test

Faber negative

Pain with back extension

Posture Assessment

The right foot is everted and so the knee is lower on the right, however the right pelvis (ilium) is felt to be higher then the left.

The right shoulder is lower then the left which would happen if the right side of the pelvis is higher then the left- we Normal posture blog.

The left leg is more internally rotated then the right.

Taking a look at the right leg lined up against the left, it looks to be structurally longer.

During single leg squat the right looks stronger then the left as there is a compensatory pelvic tilt during the left single leg squat, this may be a strategy to use the quads over glutes which would indicate left glute weakness.

During walking there is very little tibial external rotation which makes the feet inwardly rotate.


The stork test indicated a potential sacroiliac dysfunction although fabers was negative.

Isolated glute exercises such as single leg bridges were given to increase stability of the pelvis.

Planks are indicated to increase tension in the abdominals whilst in a posterior pelvic tilt.

Facet irritation of the lumbar spine was likely as the client get pain in lumbar extension so planks were given with advice to try not to move into lumbar extension when doing other exercise.